Koi Prints:

More Daniel Kelly Prints:

Koi Prints
Prints of Japanese koi by Daniel Kelly.  Kelly began painting koi because he thought each of their bodies looked like an abstract expressionist painting.  The first print of koi was The Secret in 1994 combining lithography and concrete relief printing on Nepalese paper.  He has made a total of 8 editions of koi prints.
Lantern Prints
Daniel Kelly began making prints of Japanese paper lanterns in 1984 in New York City.  The earliest among these were lithographs with chine-collé.  He has gone on to make a total of 23 editions of lantern prints, many of which are included in museum collections such as Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Smithsonian American Art Museum.
Portrait Prints
A collection of portrait print editions by Daniel Kelly.  In 1984 when Kelly began working in lithography in print studios in New York and Tokyo, he created many editions of portraits such as this portrait of his father "Blaine."  This print is from 1985, and is included in the collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York.
People and Places Prints
"When I arrived in Japan the first thing I did was sit down in a street and paint street scenes.  And I read Vincent’s letters to his brother Theo at that time.  There was the same kind of earnest thinking that he was talking about."
Pottery Prints
"Asian game is the first of them.  And it started with this teacup shaped thing that was very classic in the way that it appealed to me.  It’s just the shape.  I realized that if I were the potter I could paint a picture on the pot."