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Daniel Kelly

wall of Daniel

Born: 1947, Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Lives in Kyoto, Japan.


baby Daniel

Daniel Kelly c. 1948 (left), 2006 (right)



Paintings generally begin with three dimensional collage making. A variety of materials are bound to the underlying wood panel with neutral PH polyvinyl paste, stainless steel screws and staples. The paintings are objects as well as depictions.

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Lantern 1998

At work on a large lantern painting, 1999



Underlying collage of "Tsumuji" (top)
and finished painting (bottom)



The Secret - before

Before: putting the finishing touches on the collage of "The Secret", 2007


The Secret - after

After: "The Secret" finished painting, 2007


Painting "Black China"

Painting "Black China", 2006



Painting "Say It Again", 2005



In the Kyoto studio prints are made on a variety of papers including antique Japanese book pages and papers I import from Nepal, Thailand and the Philippines. These papers are combined in what is known as chine-collé at different stages of the printing process. Carving wood blocks and printing is done by myself and my assistants using water based pigments. On top of this I sometimes add lithography in professional print studios in Japan and the U.S.A.. I believe I have created the largest wood block prints ever made in Japan.

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Baritone 1998

Baritone (1998)
Woodblock, 166 x 172 cm


carving "Baritone"

Carving a block for "Baritone", 1998


printing "Madoka"

Adding woodblock layers to the lithograph sheet of "Madoka", 2006


printing "Plumb"

Printing "The Plum", a woodblock and lithography chine-collé print, 1998


water pipe printmakingwater pipe printmaking

Printing with a water filled sewage pipe, 2001


Working on "I Am Not a Geisha", 2006


making Highfire

Printing the new woodblock print "Highfire", 2008. Two of the newly carved blocks (top left);
printing with ball bearing type Japanese baren; prints in progress hanging to dry.