Daniel Kelly

Born: 1947, Idaho Falls, Idaho. Lives in Kyoto, Japan.

wall of Daniel


Paintings generally begin with three dimensional collage making. A variety of materials are bound to the underlying wood panel with neutral PH polyvinyl paste, stainless steel screws and staples. The paintings are objects as well as depictions.


In the Kyoto studio prints are made on a variety of papers including antique Japanese book pages and papers I import from Nepal, Thailand and the Philippines. These papers are combined in what is known as chine-collé at different stages of the printing process. Carving wood blocks and printing is done by myself and my assistants using water based pigments. On top of this I sometimes add lithography in professional print studios in Japan and the U.S.A.. I believe I have created the largest wood block prints ever made in Japan.


The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY
The British Museum, London
Museum of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Library of Congress, Washington, DC
New York Public Library, New York, NY
National College Board, New York, NY
Sackler Collection, Freer Museum, Washington DC
Epstein Family Collection, Washington DC
National Museum of American Art, Washington DC
Cincinnati Museum of Art, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland , Ohio
Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio
Oberlin College Museum of Art, Oberlin, Ohio
Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon
Portland State University, Portland, Oregon
TRW, Los Angeles, CA
Capital Group, Tokyo, Japan; Los Angeles, CA
HarCor Energy, Inc. Los Angeles, CA
Prudential Insurance, New Jersey
Proctor and Gamble, Kobe, Japan
Goldman Sachs, Tokyo, Japan


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