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Selected Collections and Exhibitions

Daniel Kelly

Born: 1947, Idaho Falls, Idaho. Lives in Kyoto, Japan

Works Included in Museums and Collections

Museum of Modern Art, NY, NY.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, .LA. Ca..
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. NY.
Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn NY,
British Museum, London, England
Museum of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
New York Public Library, NY. NY
National College Board, NY, NY
Sackler Collection, Freer Museum, Washington DC
Epstein Family Collection, Washington DC
National Museum of American Art, Washington, DC
Cincinnati Museum of Art, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland , Ohio
Oberlin College Museum of Art, Oberlin, Ohio
Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon
Portland State University, Portland, Oregon
TRW, Los Angeles Ca.
Capital Group, Tokyo, Japan, Los Angles, Ca
HarCor Energy, Inc. Los Angles, Ca.
Prudential Insurance, New Jersey, USA
Proctor and Gamble, Kobe, Japan
Goldman Sachs, Tokyo, Japan

Selected Exhibitions

2002 September
Morikami Museum, Delray Beach, Florida

2002 October
College Women's Association of Japan, Tokyo

2002 November 2 - 3
Hillside Terrace Gallery,
Tokyo Daikan Yama

Hillside Terrace Gallery, Tokyo Daikan Yama

Ren Brown Collection, Bodega Bay, California
Azuma Gallery, Seattle, Washington

Isetan Bijitsu Gallery, Tokyo
Sogetsu Kaikan Museum / Tolman Collection, Tokyo


Susan Teller Gallery, NY, NY
Oberlin College Museum of Art. ( Five American Artists From Japan)

1980 - 1998
Numerous One man and Group exhibitions in Japan and USA

Museum of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Brooklyn Museum, "Biannual of American Prints", Brooklyn, NY

Hunter Museum, Chattanooga, Tenn.


1977-1979 Tokuriiki, Tomikichiro Atelier, Kyoto, Japan

1972-1973 Morton Levin Graphics Workshop, San Francisco, CA.

1970- 1971 Portland State University, Portland , Or.

1969 University of Portland, Portland, Or.

Range of works

Depictive contemporary images on varied sculptural surfaces including painting, printmaking and mosaic.
Copyright 2002 Daniel Kelly